When you live in natures paradise go out and enjoy it.


Eating Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Before we moved away from Calgary and left or comfy jobs I wasn’t that concerned about the prices we spent on food.  As long as it was good for us that was the main thing.  I wouldn’t throw our money away or anything, I just wasn’t that concerned.  Now we have less money to spend I’ve been finding some unique… Read more →

Boy finds a geocache

Happy 2015! A New Start

Well, well, it’s been a while. We have once again taken a break for this blog to pursue other things of importance in our lives. The kids, my photography business, another move, Martin’s business. So I thought I’d give this website a new start, with a new look. Something simple and clean. Read more →


My Natural Office

I wrote this other day while writing on the beach.  I just found it as I had forgotten about it.  It was simply describing my chosen office for that day.  Today I am out in the backyard under the shade of a cherry tree: I am on a beach.  Partly sandy, partly rocky, some seaweed lays about and the tide… Read more →

Pedersen Arts Photography comox valley photographer

Appreciation of Snow

During warm summer, late spring, and early fall days children in our town play mostly outdoors.  The rest of the year you do not see a lot of kids out and about.  Everything is all wet and icky.  My view is a little different as I was a child who knew a good play week was defined by the damage done to… Read more →