When you live in natures paradise go out and enjoy it.


Eating Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Before we moved away from Calgary and left or comfy jobs I wasn’t that concerned about the prices we spent on food.  As long as it was good for us that was the main thing.  I wouldn’t throw our money away or anything, I just wasn’t that concerned.  Now we have less money to spend I’ve been finding some unique… Read more →

Boy finds a geocache

Happy 2015! A New Start

Well, well, it’s been a while. We have once again taken a break for this blog to pursue other things of importance in our lives. The kids, my photography business, another move, Martin’s business. So I thought I’d give this website a new start, with a new look. Something simple and clean. Read more →


My Natural Office

I wrote this other day while writing on the beach.  I just found it as I had forgotten about it.  It was simply describing my chosen office for that day.  Today I am out in the backyard under the shade of a cherry tree: I am on a beach.  Partly sandy, partly rocky, some seaweed lays about and the tide… Read more →

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Appreciation of Snow

During warm summer, late spring, and early fall days children in our town play mostly outdoors.  The rest of the year you do not see a lot of kids out and about.  Everything is all wet and icky.  My view is a little different as I was a child who knew a good play week was defined by the damage done to… Read more →

Nature Does Awesome Best

I think these two young ladies have a pretty good understanding of how precious and amazing our natural world is. Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.   It is impressive to watch on video but could you imagine being there?  I believe everyone needs to get out and let nature amaze. Read more →

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Move Your Office to Work From Home – 5 Part Series

I thought I should summarize my 5 part series on working from home. We had visitors stay with us the past few days and this subject came up with this couple. The husband happily works at home and the other may be still working at her past job if she was allowed to work at home. They conceded that they… Read more →

Benefits of Working From Home – Salary Restructure Suggestion

This is the final instalment of my work from home series.  Other blogs in this series are: my story , inefficiency of the office, risk and rewards from the employer’s point of view, and risks and rewards from an employee’s point of view. Employers hire employees to get a job done.  If the most important thing is getting the job done why then do for… Read more →


Can You Be Successful in Business when Family Comes First?

Can one be successfully self employed when you do not spend the majority of your time on the business?  What if you have a partner but that partner also spends less than full time hours on the business?  Can you really be successful entrepreneurs when neither considers the business as their top priority?  We are trying to find this out.… Read more →

Benefits of Working From Home – Part Four – Employee Risks and Rewards

This is part 4 of a 5-part series on working from home.  Part one  presented my story when I did my office job from our basement, part 2 discusses the inefficiency of the office, and part 3 looked at the risk and rewards from the employers point of view. The past blog in this series looked at the risks and rewards of letting employees… Read more →


Acting on Life Long Business Dreams

Lisa was a photographer when we first met and she continues to be one today.  I met my future wife over 20 years ago when she was hired at the same photography store and from our first meeting her passion for photography was evident.  She was heading towards photography school and she was never far from her camera.  Lisa has never… Read more →

Benefits of Working From Home – Part Three – Employer Risks and Rewards

This is part 3 of a 5-part series on working from home.  Part one  presented my story when I did my office job from our basement and part 2 discusses the inefficiency of the office. In my opinion companies should consider having their employees work from home.  This is not to say that all employees should work from home or should work from… Read more →

Spring Bryce

Spring Activity Challenge- First Recap

Winter may have kicked us hard this year but we are slowly ‘springing’ back to life.  That was a horrible over used pun but I don’t care because I have sunshine giddiness (weeee).  The flu and colds are in the past and we are spending a lot more time outside.  We even had a picnic! We have done a fair bit outside but we… Read more →