Month: September 2009

Shark Sanctuary to be Created in Palau

The Associated Press, though MSNBC (link) reports on the tiny Micronesian country of Palau and their efforts to create a shark sanctuary within their territory.  This is a good article to discuss with kids the problems of illegal fishing, in this case sharks for shark fin soup.  Logistically it will be almost impossible to enforce without international assistance or a change… Read more →

Dust Storm in Australia

I was fascinated by the videos provided on the ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) Site (link) and the photos on the BBC site (link).  These are stunning images of a dust storm that has blanketed the East Coast of New South Wales Cin Australia, including Sydney.  Natural events such as this dust storm are fascinating to kids, at least I would have been, and… Read more →

Spider in the Car

The (not so) itsy bitsy spider repelled to her chair Down came the web for a face-to-face stare Out came the scream that shook the whole car Then the (not so) itsy bitsy spider was caught in a jar This poor attempt at a nursery rhyme and weak simulation photo was inspired by Annika’s face to face encounter with  a… Read more →