Month: February 2010

BPA – Still a Hot Topic

Back in 2008 we remember the panic caused when we first learned about bisphenol A (BPA) and its presence in baby bottles and other plastics and the potential for serious health problems.  In Canada many products that contained BPA were pulled from shelves and have since been replaced by BPA free items.  So is BPA gone from our food supply? … Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 41

I have now been geocaching for 41 straight days and in that time I have found 126 geocaches.  If I include the caches found prior to starting the Geocache Diet, I have now found 257 different geocaches.  This number is far from impressive compared to long time geocachers and I definitely have not seen everything, but I am starting to collect… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 37

I knew I would experience a large variety of emotions during my weight loss challenge.  There would be all the positive emotions involved with getting outside, exercising, exploring, and feeling better.  I knew that there would be days I would not feel like going out and I would have terrible cravings wanting to eat something I shouldn’t.  One emotion that I did not think would come… Read more →

“Found” Art Materials

I don’t want to sound like an old lady but, whatever happened to being creative when choosing art and craft supplies?  The craft stores are full of ready packaged crafts, just empty the bag and assemble.  Some days that is great, with no thought involved I can give the kids something semi-creative to do.  Usually, however, I prefer to make crafts that are special… Read more →

Lisa’s Garden Challenge

With Martin doing the Geocache Diet  weight loss challenge Lisa thought she needed a challenge of her own.  True to her nature Lisa decided not to do some competitive quantitative challenge, instead an abstract, creative, ‘feel good’ challenge is more her speed.  Lisa’s challenge is to make her garden look beautiful and productive.  As other novice gardeners will tell you, this… Read more →