Month: March 2010

Reduce News Intake and Save Time

We have made a lot of changes in the way we are living since this time last year and most of these changes have gone exactly as planned.  I did not, however,  expect to go from someone who tried hard to stay in touch with current events from around the world to stopping paying attention to most news altogether.  I decided that this… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 73

For the first time since starting the Geocache Diet I experienced the thrill of finding a cache before anyone else.  Finding a cache before anyone is a competitive business and my daily schedule, the desire to go everywhere on foot, plus my natural lack of speed, does not make me very suited for the first-to-find (FTF) game.  The moment a… Read more →

Organic Gardening Introduction

I have never considered myself an organic gardener but my previous gardening philosophy has inadvertently been organic in nature.   When you are a plant in my garden you never got any chemicals for fertilizer or pesticides, just water (I usually remembered) and sunlight.    My garden was always survival of the fittest and plants had to live in whatever soil conditions… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 70

The streak is over.  After finding at least one geocache in each of the last 67 days yesterday I failed to find a single geocache.  I guess I should feel a bit disappointed that I was not able to carry the streak further but I am actually relieved.  Finding a geocache a day was never a goal of the geocache… Read more →

Finding the Perfect Kids Bike

The search for the perfect bicycle for our daughter required the full extent of my bargain searching talent.  Her birthday is coming up and I had considered buying a brand new bicycle but it is hard to justify the $60-100 (or more) price tag for a bike she will any ride for a year or so.  After looking at some… Read more →

Friendliness Quotient

One of the factors that we used when we were choosing the best town as a base for our lifestyle overhaul was something I call the friendliness quotient.  I find that mathematical names make things sound important but it really is not analytical at all instead it is a feeling you get about a place.  How friendly are the people who… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 67

I have always considered myself a finder and not a hider.  It was going out to interesting places and seeking for caches that got me hooked on Geocaching.  While I acknowledged that hiding caches is an integral part of being a geocacher I was never very interested in hiding caches.  As a Geocaching team we hid 3 caches prior to… Read more →

Planting Seeds With Small Children

Bring out the pots, seeds, dirt, water, and head outside.  This sounds like a lot of fun for kids, which it was.  For me it was a trying activity.  OK, maybe planting seeds with 3 kids under 5 was a bit ambitious, but I wanted to get them involved with gardening from the start.  I probably knew that it would end in tears, most… Read more →

Nature Outings to Welcome Spring

With the weather starting to warm up in some areas, and little flowers popping up everywhere, I thought I’d write about some outings to do in nature with your kids in spring.  The list of course could go on and on but I will tell you about my favorite few. A Spring Scavenger Hunt Get the kids to look for:… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 64

I had some free time this morning so I decided to do some math.  I had a feeling that I may have walked further this week than in past weeks and I was correct.  I beat my record by over 6km.  Not coincidently I also found fewer caches this week than any other week (kept my cache a day streak… Read more →

We Celebrate Earth Hour

Saturday, March 27this Earth Hour and we will be joining in to cut our electrical consumption for an hour.  Last year we put the twins to bed and we read to Annika by candlelight.  Martin and I had a quiet dinner, also by candlelight, while we played some board games.  Two hours went by and we didn’t even realize it.  It was almost a… Read more →

Feeding the Hummingbirds

Right now the Hummingbirds are starting to migrate and move to the BC coast.  We saw three hummingbirds in different locations around Victoria and I believe that they where Anna’s Hummingbird’s. A friend told me that they actually live in Victoria year round because of the mild tempertures which was verified here.  I only managed to get a photo of one,… Read more →