Month: April 2010

A Spectacular Monday Morning

I was planning to write about something else today but it will have to wait because…wow, what a morning.  I was up early getting ready for my morning geocaching walk when I decided to check my e-mail and sitting in my inbox were 3 new geocaches.  The best news was that two of these caches were located on a fantastic… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 84

I got into geocaching because I like to explore & discover.  When I was first introduced to travel bugs (or other trackables like geocoins) I thought that it was a cute sideshow act to geocaching but nothing I would take too seriously.  I have gotten much more interested in travel bugs and now I actively try to help any travel bug… Read more →

Making Your Own Household Cleaners

Store bought household cleaners can contain unhealthy chemicals that are not safe for ourselves, our children, and the environment.  The big cleaning supply companies want you to think you need them, or you will never get rid of germs and bacteria.  You can make all your own cleaners from easy to find ingredients that are healthier for you and for a fraction of… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 81

246 Geocaches Found – 533km on foot – 24lbs lost! So far on the Geocache Diet I have written more about Geocaching and hiking and less about what I am eating.  The Geocache diet is an exercise challenge after all but in order to lose all the weight I am hoping to I have had to alter my diet.  I have been… Read more →

Learning to be a Camper

I have spent many nights camping in my lifetime but I have never really been a camper. I have always used camping just as an inexpensive form of accommodation. I have camped my way across Canada, throughout the Western United States, and our 14 month honeymoon included almost a year’s worth of sleeping in a tent.  All of this and… Read more →

Birthday Month

It is April and in our household that means it is birthday month.  Only one out of the five of us is having a birthday this month but when Annika has a birthday the build-up is immense.  The calendar is getting a lot of attention lately as the countdown is in full swing.  Now the question is can we plan a… Read more →

Indoor Multi-Cache for Kids

Easter weekend and the weather is horrible.  We were hoping to at least do some family activities; like go for a family picnic, find some geocaches, have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, or visit a farm.  The stormy weather outside changed these plans in a hurry.  A little rain would not stop us but a full out storm has kept us… Read more →

Geocache Diet – Day 76

Have you ever been in a beautiful forest, an untamed beach, or anywhere that seems miles away from it all only to pass someone yakking on a cell phone?  What about the early morning nature walk where the birds are in full song and the person you pass is listening to their iPod?  I always think:  Leave the electronics at… Read more →

Wild Things and Bunny Ears

We have recently watched the movie Where the Wild Things Arewith the kids.  Bryce mostly ignored it and played with his cars and Jada cried a lot.  We decided not to traumatize her much longer so we stopped the movie short and put Bryce and Jada to bed.  Annika, Martin, and I finished watching it, and I’m glad we did as I wanted to… Read more →