Month: May 2011

Benefits of Working From Home – Salary Restructure Suggestion

This is the final instalment of my work from home series.  Other blogs in this series are: my story , inefficiency of the office, risk and rewards from the employer’s point of view, and risks and rewards from an employee’s point of view. Employers hire employees to get a job done.  If the most important thing is getting the job done why then do for… Read more →

Benefits of Working From Home – Part Four – Employee Risks and Rewards

This is part 4 of a 5-part series on working from home.  Part one  presented my story when I did my office job from our basement, part 2 discusses the inefficiency of the office, and part 3 looked at the risk and rewards from the employers point of view. The past blog in this series looked at the risks and rewards of letting employees… Read more →