A Spectacular Monday Morning

I was planning to write about something else today but it will have to wait because…wow, what a morning.  I was up early getting ready for my morning geocaching walk when I decided to check my e-mail and sitting in my inbox were 3 new geocaches.  The best news was that two of these caches were located on a fantastic loop walk from home.  With a rush of adrenalin I threw on my caching pack and set off in the dark towards the first cache.  It was just after 6am when I arrived at the first site which was the only cache that hadn’t been found by anyone yet (unsure why).  I found this short 2-part multi-cache at 6:15am before heading out towards the second cache (also a multi).  Both caches turned out to be fairly easy but that didn’t matter as the locations were fantastic.  There was a 45 minute walk on the beach between the two caches with stunning views so I put the GPS away and took out the camera to try and capture the sunrise.  It was simply a great morning to be here.

I returned home shortly before 8am, after walking 9.6km, had breakfast, and then suggested going for another walk to find the 3rd geocache published last night, this time with the whole family.  This cache was located down a nice trail that followed the largest river in the area.  This 3.7km walk, at a much slower pace, took the rest of the morning.  Since I had just spent the whole morning walking and geocaching I now have to work the balance of the day and into the evening, but it was completely worth it.  This is the reason why we moved to the coast.

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