A Typical Day on the Geocache Diet

So what is a typical day on the geocache diet?  This is a challenge after all and the best challenges always have crazy itineraries and require remarkable feats of will and desire.  My normal day goes something like:

  • Wake up somewhere between 5am and 6am depending on how tired I was the night before
  • Work in the office
  • Have breakfast
  • Look after the kids and do some chores
  • Have lunch
  • Do some more work
  • Have Dinner
  • Put the kids to bed
  • Go hiking and geocaching
  • Go to sleep

Simply staggering!!!  Wait…before you mock…sometimes I will walk in the morning and work in the evening or sometimes I will even go geocaching in the afternoon!!!

OK, my real point is that the Geocache Diet is not supposed to be a thrill a minute all out challenge.  This is supposed to be a challenge that can fit into a regular day.  I needed to include regular exercise into my life and this would not be accomplished by stopping family life and walking (and geocaching) my way across the province (though that would be cool).  No this is a challenge about doing a little bit every day to change my daily so in the end getting daily exercise and eating well is just a normal part of my regular routine.  Unfortunately the typical day is a bit on the dull side to write about… so I think I will change this blog to the Atypical Day on the Geocache Diet.

Yesterday was not a typical day for me.  It was my day to go and play, and play I did.  I went up to Campbell River and did a series of short caching hikes totalling 11 caches found and 11 km hiked.  I also had 4 caches I could not find or I bailed on due to timing or an uncomfortable feeling about being in the woods at that time of day.  I did traditional, puzzle, and multi caches in forests, beside a lake, river, waterfalls, and ocean side.  I found a homemade camouflaged wind chime in the woods, chatted up a driftwood collector before he moved away from a cache site, freaked out a couple who were sitting on a bench where a small magnetic cache was located, and even found a cache in a pet cemetery.  This is not a typical day on the Geocache diet.

I decided go for a walk around McIvor Lake and do the Watch Your Step Cache which was hidden in 2003.  My GPSr has a description field for the caches so I can read about the cache on the go instead of printing out the cache info beforehand which allows me to make up my route on the road instead of too much planning ahead of time.  This means I do not always read the cache information until I get there or if it is an easy find I may not read much about the cache at all (unless it has a good story to tell).  In this case all I knew as I entered the woods was that there was a cache hidden close by.  I was surprised to see grave-markings lying haphazardly all over the rather hilly forest.  It was quite a scene which took me a little while to figure out what I had stumbled upon.  As it turns out people have been burying their pets (mostly dogs) in this area for years and have created an interesting landscape of natural beauty and monuments to lost pets.  I am not sure how I feel about this (I could go in so many directions) so I will just say it was an interesting experience and I was glad geocaching brought me here to discover it.  Definitely not typical.

  2 comments for “A Typical Day on the Geocache Diet

  1. Barbara
    July 6, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Hey, congrats on the decreasing # of pounds to go! I’m following you and rooting for you! Met you at the Campbell River Meet and Greet this spring. You’ve got a prime area for completing your goal – there’s a cache every 10th of a mile!
    You go guy,

  2. Lorraine
    July 4, 2010 at 7:55 am

    Well I wish you the very best Martin. I know how it is to try to lose weight. Although I am maintaining my weight by going geo caching (climbing over rocks/logs/etc I still have to be aware of my intake. I hope you reach your 1000 by the end of the year. I have just reached my 500th and going for 1000. In my area, I don’t have 500 caches to find so I have to go out of town a bit. Good luck and I know Geo Caching will help a lot. (Cooler1)

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