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What do you get when you take a young adventurous couple fresh off a 14 month honeymoon and convince them that real life needs to start?  You show them the well worn path towards a stable career, buying a home and starting a family.  12 years later of following this path we were a family of five freaking out!!!

During some pretty emotional conversations we came to the conclusion that we needed to stop taking the path of least resistance and start recapturing some of the spirit of that young couple who understood that life needed to be experienced and a day presented too much of an opportunity to waste.  FamilyNavigation.com is going to be a vessel we use to release our thoughts as our life evolves to the way that fits our personalities and goals.  We have had enough of ‘real life’ for a while and it is time to create the family life that is real to us.

Starting October 2011 FamilyNavigation.com will concentrate on the connections between a slow and balanced family lifestyle and the environmental choices needed for a more sustainable future.  Saving the world does not necessarily mean making sacrifices.


The FamNav5Martin

Martin Pedersen – Too Analytical for his own good.  A buyer in his pre-FamilyNavigation.com life, Martin has the tendency to break down every decision into a mathematical calculation and even though this habit results in boring monotone ramblings in social settings, it can sometimes be an interesting read.  Martin has opened a professional organizing business in Victoria BC – Organized Potential.


Lisa image_01

Lisa Pedersen – Too Creative for her own good.  Runs the photography business, Pedersen Arts.  Lisa sees every piece of junk as material for the next great craft project and every location as the setting for the next great photograph.Little Navigators at Goldstream Park


The Little Navigators – Too inquisitive for their own good.  Our Children are the real motivation for this change of lifestyle.


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