Acting on Life Long Business Dreams

Lisa in High School. photo by Sean O’Connell

Lisa was a photographer when we first met and she continues to be one today.  I met my future wife over 20 years ago when she was hired at the same photography store and from our first meeting her passion for photography was evident.  She was heading towards photography school and she was never far from her camera.  Lisa has never stopped taking photos and every step of our life together can be chronicled by her photographic artwork.  Even though photography has been a big part of her life she has not accomplished all the things that teenager heading to photography school hoped to accomplish.  It is time for Lisa to get serious about making money from her photographic talents.

Lisa wants to make a living as a photographer.  She wanted to 20 years ago and she wants to now.  Lisa has accomplished so many other things that there is no regret with this dream being shelved for as long as it has but as time goes on there has been some concern that it may never happen.  Lisa has worked as a graphic artist and product photographer for pre-press and printing companies so she has been in a similar industry but the perfect time to go out on her own never seemed to come.  I am at least partially to blame as my career has always come first.  I had to finish schooling so Lisa worked.  I had to move to a larger city to start my career so Lisa followed.  We wanted a family and Lisa wanted to try being a full time mom.  Once our family was complete we looked in the mirror and realized that we were not living the life we wanted so we blew it up and started over.  Now well over a year through the process of rebuilding our desired family lifestyle it finally has hit us that we have to include Lisa’s photography dream.

Lisa’s first photo ever, of her Grandpa.

When we started our lifestyle overhaul our goal was to build a business where both Lisa and I could be equal partners and work together towards our common goal.  We wanted to share all business and family responsibilities to avoid the disconnect we had when we lived separate working lives.  At first we dismissed a photography business as that was Lisa’s thing and not something we could be equal partners in.  Lisa was the photographer and she would dominate the production of the business.  During one of my long nature walks I actually let myself walk through what a photography business would entail.  Lisa is an artistic person and she is at her best when she is creating art.  She loves taking photographs but that is only one part of being a professional photographer.  There is a lot of business management, customer service, and marketing involved.  Like many artistic people this is the stuff that has discouraged Lisa from going off on her own as a professional.  However, as a partner, these are the kind of things that I like doing.  I returned home from my walk, and I brought up this all too simple idea of working together on her business dream.  After some nervous pondering we have decided to go full steam ahead with Pedersen Arts!!

I never thought I had much of an ego but somehow it was large enough to blind me from coming up with this business structure for photography before.  I have been trying to help Lisa become a professional photographer for many years now as I know it is what she wants to do but I never thought about becoming an equal partner in her dream.  Photography is her dream and running a business is mine so why not combine these dreams to one venture.  This move really fits with what we are trying to accomplish with our lifestyle overhaul.

Today we are officially announcing Pedersen Arts.  Come check out our website at and let us know what you think.  As we launch this new chapter in our lifestyle overhaul we will continue to use to discuss challenges and rewards of making these monumental decisions.  We want to put everything we have into this business but it also has to fit into our family lifestyle.  This will be an ongoing challenge but it also has the potential to be very rewarding and a lot of fun.

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