Am I the Ultimate Conformist or a True Rebel?

This may seem like a silly question to ponder but I do have a point (at least I think I do).  Do I follow the crowd or do I dance to the beat of my own drum?  I know in the past when confronted with pressure to do something wild and crazy I have usually passed.  I do not have much of an edge to my personality and that has given me the power to be completely edgy.  I think that I have become a true individual because I do not do any of the things that everyone else does in rebellious self expression.

Swearing:  I am sure most of my friends have never heard me swear.  I rarely do.  This hardly me makes me a rebel and edgy, right?  The thing is that everyone seems to swear and swear a lot.  What are people trying to accomplish by swearing.  I feel that people swear in order to to shock and to really get you message across.  The problem is that if these words are overused then the intended strength is diminished.  The real power comes in the ability to restrain from swearing even when it might be applicable.  “Wow I have never seen anyone not swear so much in my life…he’s cool… dangerous”.

Defying Authority:  Look at this guy over there.  In a park, during a fire ban, cutting down protected trees to build a fire…and wait did he make his marshmallow stick from the no fires sign?  What a tough guy.  Doesn’t he know that in this computer age that every geek and nerd defies authority all the time?  So not cool anymore.  The truly rebellious spit in the face of anarchy and follow rules nobody else follows, like going the speed limit or refusing to pirate movies. 

Drugs and Alcohol:  That’s right…I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I have never tried drugs.  Don’t mess with me as this kind of self control is dangerous.

Tattoo’s and Piercings:  Who doesn’t have tattoos or nose rings these days?  People actually think that tattoos show off their individuality.  Oh please, everyone does it these days so much so that seeing skin without self inflicted scars is such an uncommon sight.  “But my back has an original piece of artwork”.  I’m sorry, it all looks the same to me you conformist.   

So am I a rebel?  Why not?  Going against every commonplace way to act and look like a rebel has made me a true original.  Will there ever be a time where the pressure to conform to the non-comformists will be too strong and I will conform in such a non conformist way?  To quote Family Guy ‘that’s about as likely as me playing by someone else’s rules besides my own. Which I would never do. I play by my own rules, nobody else’s, not even my own.’  I think I have made my point…….wait did I just quote pop culture in my blog about not conforming?….yes I am blogging about my thoughts…wow, how original…and wait…I have hockey wallpaper on my computer…that is unique for a Canadian.  Maybe I am a conformist after all…Ahhh F%$^%$#%#%$#%#%.

I was just having a little fun with the idea of trying so hard to be cool or seem rebellious by following peer pressure and trends that become commonplace.  From a parents point of view I know that this will be real issues for our kids as they grow up.  We all go through a period of self discovery and the faster kids can be comfortable with who they really are the better.  This sounds simple but I know it will not be easy.  I think that the best way we can prepare our kids for this period of their lives is to try to boost their self confidence as much as possible.  The more confident they are with their decisions the less likely they will be influenced by other people.   That is the theory anyway but unfortunately there is only so much we can do ahead of time and we have to be strong if they start swearing at us or bring home a lovely tattoo.  If they do I think I should be careful and not ask why they would want to scar their body.  That may not end very well for me.

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