Anniversary Outing on the Geocache Diet – Day 213

Lisa and I celebrated our lucky 13th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It is amazing to think that we have been married for 13 years, together for 18, and our three kids are all 5 years old or younger…but that is another story.  With help from friends and family we had a lot of options offered to us as to what to do for our anniversary.  Most of the suggestions were based on the notion that we would want to escape the kids and have a day or two by ourselves.  We could spend a night in a hotel somewhere, go out on the town, see a show, go out for meals, and other things that people do for anniversaries.  While this was tempting neither of us really wanted to plan that outing.  We realized that this plan does not necessarily fit to who we are anymore.  Sure we could have a good time doing those things but this was our day and we wanted to do something that we wanted to do.  So we celebrated FamilyNavigation style.

We have friends staying with us from Alberta and they wanted to allow us to have our day.  They were happy to babysit the kids overnight as they wanted us to have a break.  We did take them up on the offer and we had a nice dinner out the night before our anniversary but we wanted them to be included on our anniversary day outing.  We had come up with a number of options and we finally decided on going to Strathcona Park.  We tried to leave as early as we could and we drove into the mountains of Vancouver Island.  It was a simple day to celebrate the marriage of a couple who is enjoying a simpler life.  We went for small walks with the kids, ate a picnic lunch, went swimming in the lake, and of course found a few geocaches.  We were surrounded by nature, friends, and our children and what else could we ask for on our day.

The highlight was the trip to Myra Falls.  These are a cascading waterfall just above Buttle Lake.  At this time of year the flow of water is less than norma and there are pools you can swim at (carefully), which feels great on a hot day.  The water is direct from glacier and snow melt further into the mountains so it is cold but this was one of the hottest days of the year so it was a welcome relief from the heat.  There was a little water fall that flowed into a small pool which was great for the kids and we ended staying up there much longer than we thought we would.  13 years ago we would have lingered by this falls but a couple of a few years back we may have tried to stay on a  schedule.  The FamilyNavigation team of 2010 is now more than happy to splash the afternoon away.  The rest of the day we continued on at this relaxed pace.  We fed the kids the remaining food we brought and swam some more in the much warmer lake and then did some more caching before returning home much later then we planned.  The kids did fantastic and crashed soon after arriving home.  The adults picked up some food from the local grocery store deli and our anniversary dinner was just some hummus and pita in our living room with good friends after a great day out in nature.  This day really symbolizes how successful we have been at living the life we want to live and enjoying the things we used to enjoy.  There were far too many years when we hardly left the city.  Luckily for us I can see a lot more days like this in our future:  Years and years worth.

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