Appreciation of Snow

During warm summer, late spring, and early fall days children in our town play mostly outdoors.  The rest of the year you do not see a lot of kids out and about.  Everything is all wet and icky.  My view is a little different as I was a child who knew a good play week was defined by the damage done to ones clothes and the amount of laundry created.  I do not necessarily see playing in the wet weather as a bad thing but the fact is that most kids around here stay inside during the wet weather that dominates the coldest time of year.

Pedersen Arts Photography comox valley photographerThe exception to this rule is when the snow falls. We had a tiny bit of snow this morning and it was a struggle to get the kids interested in breakfast as they only wanted to play outside. It was a pathetic amount of snow but still miniature snowmen were built and we even had a few runs on the sleds.  As long as you are dressed for the weather, there is nothing like playing in the snow.

While I have rediscovered my joy of play I also have an adult appreciation of beauty. When you slow down and look around it is hard to duplicate the beauty of fresh snow. Even the sad little amount we got today was enough to get a little sentimental. There is a lot to appreciate about snow even if you are not a skier or a child. It was not long ago however when snow was my mortal enemy.

Even in the winter nation of Canada it is not normal for adults to wish for snow outside of ski holidays and (maybe) Christmas morning (melted by lunchtime however). When we were kids snow days were the best days of the year. My daughter told my wife, Lisa, this morning that snow was her favourite weather. Is there any other natural phenomenon where you see a greater range of emotions between child and adult?  You see when you become an adult things speed up and when things speed up there are places you need to go.  Snow may be pretty and fun, but it sure can be a pain to travel through when you are in a rush.

A few years back I would have had a different reaction to the snow than I had today.  It would have been a hindrance to the things I had to do that day.  I would have to leave early and sit in traffic with frustrated, impatient drivers like myself with schedules that have no room for delay.  Not only does snow slow down driving but you have to shovel it, clean off your car, and walk through it without falling and cracking your head open.  All the things you do not have time for.  Snow used to make me mad.

Now I think that getting angry at nature is a rather silly waste of negative emotions.  I still have places to go but not too many where being delayed really affects my day.  If my plans can wait until the driving conditions are better then I will push them back a few days.  I much rather bundle myself up and go for a walk.  I know Lisa would love to join me and take some pictures.  The kids are already outside making snowballs for when we make an appearance.

Do we really change that much as we move from childhood to adulthood so what used to be the best days are now the worst?  Snow is too beautiful and too much fun to be at war with it.  When we told our kids that there are some places in the world where there is no snow and there are some kids that have never seen snow, they were a bit sad.  They could not imagine going through even a whole year without enjoying the best weather nature has to offer.




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  1. September 14, 2012 at 10:10 am

    True! there are many kids in the world who haven’t touched any snow and played with it…So enjoy!

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