Back to Reality on the Geocache Diet – Day 234

This is a big day for us at the FamilyNavigation household.  Annika is starting her first day of Kindergarten and it is a big deal even though today is only a 15 minute meet and greet.  Wow is she excited.  So summer has unofficially ended and it is back to some sort of reality.  We have to stop playing around, figure out a new schedule, and start getting serious again with the tasks at hand.  This is all right because at least we are a bit relaxed after a break and we can say that we had a good summer.  Before I think about the serious stuff lets look back at some of the fun.

We enjoyed another camping trip with the kids.  We may sneak in another if the weather behaves but we gave the impression to the kids that this was going to be it.  We went to the west coast of Vancouver Island and explored the beauty that is Ucluelet, Tofino, and the Pacific Rim National Park.  There were wild beaches, rain forests, and many places for kids to be kids.  We timed this trip perfectly.  Avoiding rain in a rain forest can be tricky but we arrived a day after it rained and left the day before it rained.  The weather on this side of the island is rarely hot but it was very pleasant and everything went well.  The kids had a fantastic time and I was able to get in a bunch of early morning geocaching as I was able to get up a couple hours before anyone else.  I cannot call these walks ‘power hikes’ because the scenery is just too beautiful to rush on by.  These turned into reflective strolls and I think some good ideas came out of them.

At this point there is not much else to say.  Camping with kids, while a pile of fun, is also quite exhausting so posting to the website fell away.  We will get back to regular posting plus we will introduce our new site very soon.  I am still losing weight at a slow pace and once again I will say that I am going to be making an even stronger effort to lose some weight.  Even with so much going on I can still say that this is a real priority for me and I will not stop trying to live healthier… ever.

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