Biodiversity: Will There be Positive Change This Time?

I came across an article by Richard Black, environment correspondent for the BBC, called Solving Nature Loss: Child’s Play?  This article introduced me to the UN Convention of Biological Diversity meetings currently taking place in Nagoya, Japan.  I was intrigued by the delegates references to making real changes for the sake of future generations.  This is of course the right reason for making drastic changes to slow down the loss of species and retain the necessary biodiversity of the planet.  For as long as I can remember using our children and grandchildren as incentive for change has always been a part of the propaganda surrounding these types of conventions.  Unfortunately it is always easier to come up with a sentimental speech then it is to follow through on environmental targets.  This convention should be a real opportunity for change but just like recent conferences on International Whaling and Climate Change, real or perceived economic sacrifices always get in the way of impactful and essential change.  As Patrick White of the Globe and Mail states in his article, World leaders tackle a tall order: How to preserve life on Earth, behind the optimistic sentiments of some there are some real economic roadblocks that will most likely make this conference inconsiquential long term.

I will be glancing periodically at some of the reports coming out of Nagoya to see if real progress is being made.  This would be a perfect opportunity to make some of the sacrifices that I was referring to when I wrote, Economic Sacrifices for Sustainable Living.  As a parent I am willing to make sacrifices for my children and their children not just because it sounds good, but because it is necessary.  I strongly believe that saving ecosystems is not just about giving future generations the gift of seeing whales and tigers in the wild, but it is about giving them long term economic stability.  I just hope parents with real global influence, like the ones at this convention, start having the same conviction about making the necessary sacrifices in order to make real progress.

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