Birthday Month

It is April and in our household that means it is birthday month.  Only one out of the five of us is having a birthday this month but when Annika has a birthday the build-up is immense.  The calendar is getting a lot of attention lately as the countdown is in full swing.  Now the question is can we plan a party worthy of the anticipation?  It is time to test some of our slow parenting ideas and see if a simple laid back kids party can be a success.

There are many great ideas for a party and we did explore a few different options.  We could rent a gym, go to a play place, go to a farm, or other places kids like to run wild.  Instead we will be hosting the party at our house and let the kids determine what to do (run wild).  We will have a few things planned that are good activities for the backyard but nothing too involved.  We thought we would let kids paint a plant pot and then plant some flowers it to take home.  We also thought of doing a treasure hunt and some other games that we can take into the garage if it starts to rain.  Some of these games will be backup games if kids look bored but I have a feeling that a group of kids running around in the backyard will keep themselves plenty busy.

We have debated about asking people to not bring gifts as Annika really does not need more toys, but we feel that it is too hard for a 5 year old to understand why she is not getting gifts.  She has been to enough parties to know that gifts are part of the program (along with cake of course).  We are far from being kids party planning experts but we will give it a go and see how it turns out. 

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