BPA – Still a Hot Topic

Back in 2008 we remember the panic caused when we first learned about bisphenol A (BPA) and its presence in baby bottles and other plastics and the potential for serious health problems.  In Canada many products that contained BPA were pulled from shelves and have since been replaced by BPA free items.  So is BPA gone from our food supply?  Not at all and even though the story is not front page news any more there are some interesting recent articles on the subject.

One of the major sources of BPA that still exists is the plastic linings in metal cans.  As always there is massive debate about the safety.  The Globe & Mail has this article on BPA and the website care2.com has an article called “Nice Cans: Getting BPA Out of the Food Supply“.  On the other side the American Chemistry Council, representing many plastic manufactures, has a website factsaboutbpa.org which claims that BPA is safe in the way it is used today.

As a consumer, and now as a parent, I think I am going to err on the side of caution.  There are so many inorganic chemicals in our food sources and food packaging today that you have to think that no matter what it is, we are better off consuming as little as possible.  Certain chemicals may be proven to not be bad for us but they certainly cannot be good for us so why not try and limit our intake.  We are making choices to try and reduce the amount of chemicals we eat and our food comes in contact with.  Even if all the studies say that a particular chemical is safe I still think our family is better without it.

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