Can You Scare Kids From Starting Smoking?

How do you keep your kids from smoking?  Our kids are still too young for us to worry about it but it is something I have thought of.  I was probably pretty unlikely to ever start smoking but I remember when I was young, probably grade 2 or 3, we were visited by someone representing the Canadian Lung Association and was left with a lasting image I have not yet forgotten.  They brought in 2 lungs, both from people around the same age.  One was from a smoker and one was from a non-smoker.  The non-smoker’s lung like a piece of un-cooked steak while the smoker’s lung looked like the same steak left on the BBQ a few hours too long.  Smoking does that to your insides?  No thank you.

Lisa showed me this video of a 10-year old that developed a key chain with the similar type of message.  I am not sure how much these key chains, or the burnt lung, would scare kids from starting smoking in the first place, but I like to think that if you explain to kids what is going on, that they will be able to make some sensible decisions.  If you just tell them that smoking is bad and they shouldn’t start, than the rebel in them sees an opportunity to defy, but if you show them the actual damage that the habit can do to your body and tell them that the choice is there’s to make, maybe they may make the right decision for themselves.  If you are going to tell a child that smoking is bad, make sure it is not a habit that you currently have or the message will be hollow.

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  1. Laua
    March 10, 2011 at 9:11 am

    If you don’t smoke, them most likely your kids will not smoke. I remember seeing the lung comparisons and it stuck with me. But then I remember seeing some really cool movies that the coolest, best looking people were smoking and I tried it. it was awful, but when my coach saw me smoking and he was let down by that, I felt devistated and never tried it again. It takes the guts of those who don’t smoke to keep nagging, and loving the person so when the situation comes up they can remember back to your words and use them for guidance. We can’t make people not smoke, but we can nudge and guide and pray that they will listen to that angel on their sholder and do the right thing. I also bring up the facts and reiterate them often about what smoking does to your body, others, your self-esteem, the environment, your spirituality, etc.

  2. May 13, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Hi, I like what you say about smoking…..what you see, monkey do.
    Ofcourse at that certain age, each child is different and yes, will rebel.
    You set examples, afterall, your children are your reminders……your
    teachers and you would like to do the same fort them with what you have
    learnt by now…!

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