My Natural Office

I wrote this other day while writing on the beach. I just found it as I had forgotten about it. It was simply describing my chosen office for that day. Today I am out in the backyard under the shade of a cherry tree:

I am on a beach. Partly sandy, partly rocky, some seaweed …

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Appreciation of Snow

During warm summer, late spring, and early fall days children in our town play mostly outdoors. The rest of the year you do not see a lot of kids out and about. Everything is all wet and icky. My view is a little different as I was a child who knew a good play week …

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Nature Does Awesome Best

I think these two young ladies have a pretty good understanding of how precious and amazing our natural world is.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


It is impressive to watch on video but could you imagine being there? I believe everyone needs to get out and let nature amaze.

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Regaining an Essential Connection with the Natural World

When we lived in the city I felt that we lost some of the connection we had with the natural world. Moving back to the West Coast, and to a smaller town, it was our goal to regain some of that connection with the environment and, maybe more importantly, make sure our kids grew up …

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