Challenge Caches on the Geocache Diet – Day 270

I had a pretty good week on the Geocache Diet.  I enjoyed a fair bit of geocaching, powered through some great early morning hikes, and despite it being Canadian Thanksgiving, I think I did alright watching my diet as well.  I always enjoy going to my parents place as there are lots of caches nearby I have yet to find (yes there are other reasons too).  When I am in a place where there are many caches to be found instead of planning out my route I like to go and park in a central location and then make up my route as I go and see where I get to.  This is a fun challenge as I will not screen out certain types of caches or ones that seem difficult.  Sometimes I have to give up to make sure I get enough of a walk in but usually I will find the cache before moving on.  It is always fun adding some extra challenges to a caching outing.

In fact I have been trying to so some challenge caches lately.  Challenge caches are ones that can be found only after you have completed some sort of geocaching related task.  Since I have been doing a lot of caching it has been fun to try and complete some of these unique challenge caches.  Here are some local caches that I have completed or are trying to complete.

  1. Vancouver Island ABC’s:  This was the first challenge cache I ever started and the only one I have actually claimed a find on.  I had to find a cache starting with every letter of the alphabet.  For whatever reason I had a hard time getting the letter ‘U’.
  2. 60 Vancouver Island Cachers Challenge:  Find 60 caches each from a different Vancouver Island geocacher.  I have actually completed the task on this one but I have to wait until another trip down island to find the cache and claim the find.
  3. Know Your Vancouver Island Cacher Challenge: For this one I had to pick 6 geocache hiders and find 3 different types of caches that they had hidden for each.   An example of this is if I found a traditional, multi, and mystery cache hidden by a single cache then they could be one of my 6.  I have completed the task but still have to go and find the cache.
  4. 6 Yearly Progressive VI Challenge Cache:  To find this one I had to find caches that were hidden in different years.  I had to find 1 hidden in 2005, 2 in 2006 all the way to 6 caches in 2010.  This one was an easy task for me with all the caching I am doing but once again I still have to find the cache itself to complete the challenge.
  5. Baker’s Dozen Cache & 210 Cache Challenge:  These are two similar caches where you have to have to find so many caches in a day.  In the bakers dozen challenge you must have a 1 cache day, a 2 cache day, all the way to a 13 cache day.  The hardest part is that they require that for each day you find at least 1 multi or puzzle cache.  I have completed each day except I still need a 9 & 10 cache day.   The 210 cache challenge requires cache days all the way to a 20 cache day but does not have the same multi or puzzle cache stipulation.  What it does require is to find at least one traditional, Multi, Puzzle, Event, and Earthcache during the challenge.  I have not even looked to see what I need to finish this one
  6. Vancouver Island Topographic Challenge:  This one is the biggest challenge of the lot.  For this cache you have to find or hide a cache on each of the squares found on a Vancouver Island topographic map.  This sounds like a lot of fun and I may try and do it one day but with Vancouver Island having some pretty remote locations, this is far from an easy challenge.  One day maybe.

What can be more fun than doing challenge caches within a caching challenge?  For the most part I do not change my habits but these are just completed during my normal caching routine.  I will go out of my way to claim these however as I think they are fun to log.  I am sure there are many others that I am missing in our area but I will find them in time.  For now I will just have fun completing some of these challenges.

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