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Martin and Lisa are proud to announce that we will be making some content changes to  After writing the blog, Balanced Family Life Review – 6 Months On, we realized that we had a lot we wanted to accomplish this year.  We decided that we should come up with some challenges based around these goals and write about them.  Here are the new regular features you can look forward to seeing on

Geocache Diet       1000 geocaches – 2500 km on foot – 100 lbs – 365 days

Martin needs to lose weight; a lot of it.  Martin has 100lbs to lose to get to his ideal weight.  Martin wants to get in shape so he can experience the adventure activities with his family that he loves.  Martin has developed an exercise challenge based on geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunting game, and will be hiking and finding geocaches using his handheld GPS device.  All over the world geocachers have hidden containers and posted coordinates or clues on for people to find.  Martin has fallen in love with this activity and will try to find 1000 of these geocaches in one year.  In order to make sure Martin gets exercise while geocaching, opposed to driving to the locations, he will be trying to reach a goal of 2500 km all to be travelled on foot while hunting caches.  Follow along with Martin’s quest to lose the weight while tramping around Vancouver Island searching for ‘treasure’.

Family Activities

Every week Lisa will document a family activity including craft projects and her attempt at gardening.  Lisa hopes to get kids interested in growing plants, recycling, and building things from scratch.  

Healthy and Green

Both Martin and Lisa will give regular updates on our quest to provide our family healthier meals and to decrease our footprint on the environment.  We will be making a series of simple changes to our eating and purchasing habits and will be spending a lot more time working in our garden. Lisa is a novice gardener but will try and make our garden beautiful and a source of nutritious food for the family.  Lisa will document her attempt to be an expert gardener in the ‘Lisa’s Garden’ section.

Fun Articles

Lisa is revising the ‘News for Discussion’ section into the ‘Fun Articles’ section.  Lisa will be scouring the internet for news, human interest, or any other story that kids will enjoy and discuss as a family to get a better understanding of the world.

These new regular features will be a major part of going forward but we will also continue to write about other topics concerning a balanced family lifestyle.  Our goal is to publish new blogs almost every day.

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  1. Jana Henderson
    January 15, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Looking forward to the changes! Keep up the good work!

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