Cleaning up on the Geocache Diet – Day 156

If I had my way we would get rid of 90% of the excess stuff we have around the house.  This is the reason why I am not allowed to do spring cleaning alone in our house.  Lisa comes from a long line of pack-rats and she can see value in almost anything.  Luckily we are both pretty good at compromising so we have created a fairly stable balance between too much stuff and an empty house.  There was a good example of this balance on the weekend and it has geocaching implications.

On Saturday Lisa went out to some garage sales.  This can be dangerous as she is very good at finding lots of good deals.  She is also very good at justifying each purchase or creating enough of a distraction so I will not notice all which she has collected.  I cannot tell you everything she bought because she distracted with me a couple of Ammo Cans to make some really big geocaches!!  The suggestion was to fill it with stuff we never use around the house and hide it so other people could trade for this treasure.  I loved the idea.  Not only do I get to go hide a cache but I also got to do some spring cleaning in the process.  What a day!!!  I filled one cache with a new photo album we never used, a book I was given years ago but never read, a nice ceramic creamer , some kid’s shoes, and a whole bunch of stuff from the playroom that the kids have forgotten about.  It was a nice big container and I crammed every inch of it full of ‘treasure’.  The ‘Garage Sale Cache’ was born.

On Sunday the whole family went out to find a place to hide it.  Hiding such a large cache in a location where it will not found by non-cachers is not easy.  I had an idea of a general area and when we got there we found a place better than I expected.  The location is close to a river and a beach but it is along a seldom used trail and in a fairly easy to get to hiding spot where I cannot see anyone going to without a GPS receiver in their hands.  Even though the rules of caching is for equal trades I do not mind visiting this cache from time to time and filling it up with more stuff.  I won’t be able to clear out all the clutter in our home this way but it is a start anyway.  To complete the job the way I see fit I would probably need to fill a series of 100 garage sale caches but I am very happy with just one for now.

Tomorrow is Tuesday which is my day to go out and do some serious caching.  I have really wanted to go caching on Denman Island for the first time but I wanted Lisa and the kids to come along as well.  After coming up with a plan so I could actually get enough caching in, and to not wear the kids out too much, we have decided to make it a family outing.  I always get excited about visiting a new place and I have this strange fascination for islands, so tomorrow should be good.  There are only 7 caches on the whole island, including 3 multi-caches, so I will try to do them all.  If the day goes exceptionally well, or extremely bad, I will definitely blog about this trip in coming days.

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