Daddy Time Everyday

Playing with Daddy

When we decided that we would leave our old family life behind us and start over, I wanted to have a release for some of the thoughts that had been stuck in my brain for far too long. While not all of these thoughts will turn into blogs, has been, and will continue to be, a great source of self discovery. I have some pretty involved thoughts on the pace of our world, the impact of materialism gone wild, and the plight of our environment. With all of these concerns, among others of course, we try and correct our course of parents to help our kids grow up in this world. All of this weighing on my shoulders must mean I am a real downer? Not so much these days since in between all of this depressing internal exploration I get to be Daddy!!!!

Daddy hugYesterday I was a dragon trying to capture three magical ponies’s who were escaping out of a ‘tot maze’ through the thorny bushes. Earlier this week I enjoyed stints as a moon creature, shark, amusement park caretaker, and a teddy bear cowboy. This is what I dreamed of (maybe not the moon creature part) before we made this leap to working together from home. I can reflect on life as much as I want, and I do find it engaging, but my main job as Daddy is the one I am enjoying the most. After a rousing game of hide-and-seek the other day (we have played this game for hours in our new house and I think there has been a total of 8 hiding places used) I did some more reflecting. It was 10am on a Wednesday and here I was playing with the kids. I had already worked for a couple hours in the morning and I was due to work the afternoon when Lisa had finished her work but I could break up the day with some time as Daddy. Why did we hesitate so much before making this move?

It was not easy taking our ‘leap of faith’, and we are far from calling it a long-term success, but to be this involved in the early years of our children’s lives has been very rewarding. I have finished my reflecting time for this blog and it is now my turn to look after the kids. I have to talk Annika into letting me be a railway engineer instead of a garden fairy again.

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