Dog Days of the Geocache Diet – Day 176

A whole year is a long time to focus on one project.  It can be especially hard when this project is not the main focus of your life.  I don’t want to say that getting in shape and losing weight is not a top priority but in our family being a father and making money has to take a lot of my attention and time.  Losing weight and feeling great has to be a priority because the better I feel the easier it will be to keep up with the kids and I will have more energy to put towards work.  On a daily basis it is very hard to concentrate on changing healthy habits when I am surrounded with screaming kids and a numerous work tasks.  The result has been a stalling in my weight loss and a real mounting reality that I will not be able to reach my weight loss goals during the one year period I set for this challenge.

I have been very successful in adding exercise to my daily routine.  I have been out walking each and every day since I started the geocache diet and that many days of daily exercise has to be good for me.  I am averaging just less than 7km a day which if I can keep it up will allow me to reach the goal of 2500 km this year.  My love of geocaching has encouraged me to get out on the trails and hiking towards hidden treasure makes exercise seems effortless (unless there is a steep hill in my way).  Geocaching has also provided a fantastic break from reality.  I am not saying that my reality is not fantastic it is just hectic so getting lost in the woods and doing something as ridiculous as geocaching is providing a lot of sanity.  I have just found my 500th geocache so I am officially half way from reaching my 1000 cache goal for the year.  I have been very successful with scheduling my time to get out and exercise while having fun outdoors and I am very proud of that.  The problem has been the weight-loss.

Next week will mark the half way point of my year long challenge and I am well behind on my weight-loss target.  I am still eating too much and making enough bad decisions so my weight loss is slow.  I am still going down just not at the 2lb per week rate I need to lose 100lbs in a year.  It was a pretty ambitious target and one that required constant concentration on the goal.  My thought was that I would get into a routine with exercising and healthy eating and at this point the diet would be on cruise control towards my goal.  I was correct with the exercise but making good eating decisions all the time is not nearly as easy.  I love geocaching and I love hiking so these goals are fun and going out daily is a treat and an opportunity I will not waste.  I also love food and while I can often convince myself to eat delicious food that is good for me I am also tempted to eat less healthy options that are easy to obtain.  When your home life is busy and frantic it is also hard to take a breath and realize how much you are eating.

So what is the point of all my rambling?  I don’t know… maybe that losing weight is hard and changing a lifestyle is not as easy as just making changes.  I am very happy that I have been able to include exercise into my daily routine and I am sure I will be able to do this long term.  I am also determined not to give up on losing weight.  It would be easy to say that since our kids are so young and we have so many challenges in getting a business going that this is not the time to worry about losing weight.  This thought has crossed my mind many times but if I do not do it now then when will I do it and if I do not make changes now what else may happen?

On that note let’s plan a good meal.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again and we may take dinner to the backyard or to the beach.  If we decide to go to the beach we just pull out our picnic backpack pre-loaded with plates, cutlery, napkins, and seasonings.  We also keep ice blocks in the freezer to add to a cooler bag to pack food that should stay cool.  In no time we can pack things up and be out the door.  For a quickly prepared meal let’s try:

  • Greek Salad: This salad has great summer vegetables and since there is no lettuce can be made a few hours in advance (as long as it stays cool) without fear of wilting.  I will usually add the feta at the time of serving. 
  • Hummus:  This is very easy to make and we always have the ingredients on hand for a quick dip.  There are so many versions but this is my favourite hummus recipe at the moment.
  • Pita Bread:  On hot days like today I would be tempted to pick some up at a bakery or grocery store as I try to avoid using the oven and we may not be organized enough to make the bread ahead of time.

The best part is that the kids love this meal as well.  I leave the dressing off of Annika’s salad but the twins especially like dipping their pita in the Hummus.  Weird Huh.

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