Dream Routes for the Geocache Diet – Day 148

Summer is upon us and I have been thinking about taking the geocache diet on the road.  I don’t mean that I am starting a world tour I just want to do some travelling this summer.  As much as I love geocaching I am obsessed with travel and there is hardly a day that goes by when I have not thought about some sort of trip.   My travel dreams lately have been about thinking up great geocaching routes.   When I dream of travel I tend to dream big but I do have to concede that our family situation and budget does not allow for many of my grandiose trip ideas to come true this summer.  Here are some of my big geocaching ambitions for local travel and the scaled down realistic versions given our current life.

Trip #1 – Kayaking

Dream Version:  I grew up spending most of my summers on a boat and many of my recent dreams have led me to water.  I used to row competitively so I am also very comfortable in small boats.  I have done some ocean kayaking in the past including a 2-night overnight trip but I would love to do a multi day trip in the local waters.  We have some of the best kayaking destinations on Vancouver Island and it is just calling me to explore it.  There are also some pretty remote geocaches that require a boat to get to and geocaching by kayak sounds pretty cool.

Realistic Version:  The dream trip is a long term goal for when the kids get older but right now the kids are too young and one week is just too long to leave Lisa alone with the kids.  There are many opportunities for a day trip, or even a couple hours, nearby and I should be able to manage one of these short outings.  I am curious about seeing if I could take Annika for a paddle around the local river and estuary in a double kayak.  There is also a small island nearby with two caches hidden and I would love to kayak over to look for them.

Dream Trip #2 – Family Camping

Dream Trip:  Take BC Ferries to some of the islands on the inside passage and visit some of the more remote locations on the way to Prince Rupert.  From there take the Alaska ferryfurther north.  We would bring our car and camping gear and do a lot of exploring and geocaching.  We would complete the loop through the Yukon and back into BC.

Realistic version:  These ferry trips are very expensive so the cost alone does not make this a realistic trip this year.  We want to do some camping this summer but we are really only looking at a few days at a time since this will be our first attempts with three kids.  I would like to go camping on at least one of the islands of Quadra, Cortes, Denman, or Hornby this year so we could take the kids on a ferry.  I would also like to explore some of the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island.  I know the kids will love camping it just is all about getting out and doing it.

Dream Trip #3 – Backpacking

Dream Trip:   Even though I am in better shape than I was a few months ago I am still a ways away from making this trip a good idea.  This does not mean I cannot dream.  It has been years since I have done a multi-night backpacking trip.  There are some great hikes on Vancouver Island but there is one I have had my eye on for quite a while.  This hike is actually on Nootka Island off the West Coast of Vancouver Island and is aptly called the Nootka Trail.  The normal starting point is to be flown in by float plan to a bay on the Northern side and then hike along the coastline to Yuquotwhere you take a ferry back to civilization.  The only geocache is at the finish of the hike so when I go I may have to plant a couple.

Realistic Trip:  I have to start small when it comes to backpacking.  I hope to do at least one overnight hike in Strathcona Parkthis year.  I have never hiked these trails before and I am very interested in spending at least one night under the stars.  There is a good selection of appropriate trails with geocaches on them to find as well.   Future hikes will depend on how well I do with a two day hike.

While the dream trips would be amazing I must admit that the realistic versions alone have gotten me very excited and raring to go.  I will keep score and at the end of the summer I will summarize how many of these mini caching adventures I was able to do.

  4 comments for “Dream Routes for the Geocache Diet – Day 148

  1. Annemarie Halls
    June 16, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Looking forward to reading all about your summer activities. Good luck with the target of 1000 caches and getting into shape through geocaching. I too have found myself being more active solely due to caching. I certainly wouldn’t walk as far as I do now without it. And I have managed to lose 14lbs over the past few months too. Best wishes.

  2. June 15, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Hi Martin,
    Let us know if you’re road-tripping and geocaching. We’d love to potentially tag along. What say “summer vacation” like a video crew!

    • June 16, 2010 at 8:01 am

      Eric, of course there is always an open invitation – we had so much fun the first time. We will definitely being doing some camping this year around Vancouver Island.

  3. Chelsea Hix
    June 15, 2010 at 7:55 am

    Hi again, I want to say I love this blog. We camp twice a year atleast with three kids, 9,3,2. We do weekenders that are over night or a three day, we are planning one of those now. It gets the kids prepared for the weeklong camping trips we take. I would say for the first time take them not far from home and just over night. See how it goes, your close to home so if its a bust you can get there fast.

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