Early Summer Garden Photo Essay

Summer has arrived and our garden is in full flower.  The garden gradually starts blooming and before you know it is a sea of colour.  I was impressed with the way the garden looked when I took these “Early Spring Photos”but the garden has progressed even more since then.  Our beds are just packed with plants that it almost looks like it is overgrown (I like it that way though).  The idea is that if you put in lots of plants the weeds don’t have a chance and get choked out. What you end up with is an “English Style” garden with plants growing as they want and a lot of “volunteers” coming up in surprising places.  Sometimes these surprise plants come up in great places and sometimes they have to be pulled.  Since we inherited this garden in this style we are going with it and will slowly change it to our tastes.  Sometimes we are a bit torn between the chaos of just letting the plants grow haphazardly and making a “controlled” garden with strategically designed flower beds.  While the kids are young we don’t have much extra time and the garden will have to take care of itself for a while and hopefully when we do get more time it won’t be too hard to get it back on track; that is if we feel like it actually needs to be “back on track”.

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