Earth Day Birthday Party Activity

Yesterday was Annika’s birthday party.  We were so lucky to have the nicest day in the last little while considering what we had planned for the party activities.  The weather was sunny and warm and the kids hardly came in the house at all; perfect.  They ran around the backyard and played with the outside toys and did their craft on the back patio.  I couldn’t imagine eight guests plus my own three all running around the house.  It would have been a bit chaotic but I am sure we would have managed.  

With Earth Day coming up on April 22 we decided to use that as a theme and do a planting party.  We set up a nice low table on the patio with small terracotta plant pots, brushes, and paints. The kids weren’t so sure what we were doing or why but all of them went along with the craft. After we had pancakes (Annika’s very popular choice), cake, and opened presents we returned to the craft table and planted our flowers and/or lettuce(why not) in the beautifully painted pots.  At this point the kids finally understood what we were doing.  Their little eyes all lit up when I brought out the flowers and lettuce and told them they could now fill their pots to take home.  None of them seemed to mind that I had no “goody bags” for them full of candy and unnecessary dollar store toys.  I did have a very small baggie of chocolate Easter eggs for each of them as they left, and I mean small.  We are trying to become more environmentally conscious and Earth Day is coming up, so giving out a bunch of plastic was not an an option for me. I would have felt too guilty.  

Annika and her friends painting pots

Earth Day is April 22nd.  Find out what is going on in your community, take part, and have fun.  

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