Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day came and went this year and we heard of many great environmental conscious acts that people did special for that day.  Us at did not do anything different on Earth Day, we just did a bunch of stuff that we have incorporated into our everyday lives.  Since our move we are trying to make decisions appropriate for Earth Day every day of the week.  We view Earth Day kind of like we do Valentines Day.  Why do we need one day out of the year to show our love for someone when we should be doing it everyday.  We are not belittling Earth Day (maybe Valentines Day a little) as we did take the day to learn of more ways to be more environmentally conscious.  We will admit that while we are greenies at heart but we have much to learn we are continuing to educate oursleves about ways add green practices into our daily lives.  Each day we want to make wise decisions to show our kids ways to appreciate our environment.  We are starting out small and slowly changing everyday habits instead of trying to do everything at once.

The town we are living in now has a far more environmentally conscious population per-capita then the city we  moved from.  The weekend after April 22 our community had an Earth Day Celebration at a local park.  There were activities for the kids, info on reducing water consumption, composting, growing organic vegetables, plus a lot of free handouts.   We came home with some renewed confidence that we have made some good decisions and some inspiration to keep incorporating these procedures into our daily life.  The past few months we have been composting all of our fruit and vegetable food scraps, trying our hand at growing vegetables, buying local produce and other products, making our own cleaning supplies, among others.  Going forward we are taking some simple steps to the house like adding insulation and weather sealing to make our home more energy efficient, reducing water consumption, reduction in fuel usage. and reuse as many products as we can.  We have written about our desire to live a slower family life and many of these choices are coincidently better for the environment.  There seems to be a strong correlation between the pace you live your life, the amount of money you spend on things, and the impact you have on the environment.  Living slow and living green just seem to go hand in hand.  Now it is time to power down and help the kids plant their vegetable plants they got from the Earth Day event.

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  1. October 27, 2010 at 11:53 am

    cleaning supplies should be environment friendly too, choose cleaning supplies which does not harm the environment,,~

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