Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 3

I may be a little late with writing about our Fall activity challenge but we are on schedule with our outings.  This past week we played squirrel as we went to the park to collect acorns.  We are far more frivolous with our nuts then the practical squirrel however as instead of food our acorns turned into lovely jewellery.  We love making crafts in our house but it is even better when you can go out and find your own materials.  After a simple and enjoyable outdoor activity we went indoors and made acorn fairy head people necklace things.

These acorn friends may look complicated but they are fun and easy to make.  All you do is remove the acorn seed from the cap, draw a face on the seed, and paint the cap adding sparkles or glitter if you wish.  We then hot glued (adult task) some hair stuff on the seed part before hot gluing the cap back on.  The final step is to add some string to the top of your new friend.

That’s all there is to it.  We made a few of these including an elf looking one that will hang on our Christmas tree.  Now we have to decide what to do this week.  I think we will make this next outing nut free.  The squirrels will appreciate that I am sure.

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