Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 4

For this week’s activity we didn’t feel like going too far from home so we picked a very nice park close by where we thought we needed to spend more time in.  Martin walked off ahead and the kids and I hopped into the car to meet him at the Lazo Marsh trail-head.  I have been wanting to go back to this park after hearing from other moms that this was the place to find super friendly, birdseed munching feathered friends.  We are not always too thrilled about feeding wild birds but there are many bird-feeders around and this is common practice in this park.

We brought along a bag of birdseed and gave each of the kids a cup for our stroll through the woods toward the marshland.  The trail is a small loop less than 2km long which made a good distance for the kids little legs and to fit in enough bird feeding time.  We got to the boardwalk over the marsh without seeing the birds we were looking for so we found a good spot to sit and wait.  We were as quiet as a 5yr old and 2-2yr olds armed with bird seed and anticipation can possible be.  Our ‘patience’ finally paid off and the fun began.  The most friendly birds were the Chestnut-Backed Chickadees and the Nuthatches.  They landed right on our hands and delighted the little ones to no end.  They could have stayed all day.

Other birds spotted on the walk were a Heron, Stellers Jays, Juncos, and the Rufous-sided Towhee.  This outing combined many of our ideas for outings.  We did birdwatching, walked in the woods looking for autumn colours, and Annika grabbed a camera and started taking many photographs for an inpromtu photo scavenger hunt.  This was a great outing and only a few minutes from home.

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