Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 5

This week, with Halloween just around the corner, we predictably went to our local pumpkin patch for our weekly fall outdoor activity.  This was a repeat of our less then successful trip to the patch last year when the twins were only 1.5yrs old.  Last year’s story sounds like a hit country song:  ‘Tears in the Pumpkin Patch’.  What a difference a year makes as this year the tears were replaced by excitement, joy, and picking out the perfect pumpkin: a rocking little ditty called ‘pumpkin patch pandemonium’.

Luckily we were not scared off completely from last year as we had a lot of fun this year.  This is a very popular place to go but we avoided the crowds this year going midweek instead of on the weekend.  The smaller crowds meant there were plenty of wagons available for us to use which made it a lot more fun for the kids.  After a game of ‘chicken chase’ we piled the kids into the wagon and trudged out to the pumpkin patch.  It was a very good low stress activity this time and we all had a lot of fun, including Grandma who was in town visiting.  This activity is essentially shopping for a carving pumpkin which could be done at any grocery store but the farm setting, with dirt, animals, and even a haunted barn, made this a much better family afternoon.

As our kids are getting older these types of activities are becoming more enjoyable.  When they were really young we may have tried to do too much as we wanted to show them everything.  I think I realize now that sometimes you just have to wait a little bit until they are the right age.  We are also more relaxed then we were a year ago and we can enjoy taking all afternoon for a simple task.  Thinking it through and planning the trip on a slower afternoon instead of the peak times also helped making this experience more enjoyable.  Now it is time to carve our pumpkin for Halloween.

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