Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 6

Wow it’s almost been a week since our last post.  We better get our butts in gear and post, post, post!

On that note this one will be just a quick entry as time is going by fast and I need to start thinking of next week’s activity already.  Last week we didn’t actually do any of the activities off the “list”.  It was Halloween and the Grandparents came up to spend time with the kids over the Halloween weekend.

Annika had activities at school on Friday, Saturday we participated in the local town Costume Parade, and Sunday was trick-or-treating around home in the evening.  All-in-all an exhausting weekend, and way too much candy and junk.  Our family outdoor activity, I guess, was the costume parade though town and trick-or-treating.

Halloween morning Martin and I got a morning out by ourselves, which was nice and well needed.  We went down the a beautiful view of the Strait of Georgia and saw the last bit of the sunrise.  We went for breakfast in Courtenay and then did some geocaching in the backwoods of Courtenay.  We are also doing a little more writing and we will add more posts soon.

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