Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 7

Another Fall Outdoors Challenge activity spent close to home.  We went out on Sunday as a family to scout out an area to place some new geocaches.  We hid one cache and Annika is very excited as it is her second cache she can call her own.  The other caches were a little more complicated and require return trips but we know where to hide them now.  A walk in the woods with kids cannot happen without some distractions and diversions.  While walking the trails our outing turned into a Mushroom spotting trip.  Around every corner it became a race to see who would spot the mushrooms and scream out Mushshoom Mushshoom!  There were so many varieties ranging from HUGE to very small and from ugly to beautiful.  I have been wanting to learn about mushrooms so I can identify them so I photographed many of them so I can figure out what they are.  It was a shame that I did not know which ones were edible because the yellowish one photographed next to Annika’s boot could have fed our whole family.

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