Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge – Week 1

This week marked the start of Autumn and the FamilyNavigation.com team have started a new challenge.  We don’t have enough going on in our lives I guess.  The Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge is designed as incentive to get outside as a family even as the weather gets cooler and discover your community in the Fall.  There really is a lot to see and do this time of year.  All it takes is the will to get outside and let some youthful enthusiasm take over.

This past weekend we went on a nature walk in our local mountains to a very special and beautiful place called Paradise Meadows in Strathcona Provincial Park.  We went to find Fall colours and we were not disappointed.

Our short walk through the meadows turned into an epic geocaching/birdwatching/puddle splashing expedition.  Martin found two geocaches and the kids were entertained when visited by a flock of Whiskey Jacks (Grey Jays).  These birds were very friendly and we met up with some fellow hikers who were feeding them.  We are not too thrilled with the idea of feeding wild birds but the kids had a great time watching and were nervous but thrilled when they got close.  It was a beautiful day and it was nice to go for a walk and stay dry; that is until the twins found some big puddles on the way back to the car.

This is just the first week of many great outings to come.  We encourage everyone to join in and tell us about their experiences, wonderful, or not.  Let’s all just get out there and have some fun…

…as families…

…and laugh.

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