Fall Outdoor Activities Challenge

Autumn gets a bad wrap since it has to follow summer, but when you think about it there is lots to like.  Kids seem to really like Fall with the trees changing colours, Halloween, and lots of yummy things to eat.  Come on, you must like it a little bit?  There is lots to do but sometimes it is not easy to get excited to do Fall activities.

It’s suddenly become cool outside, the plants in the garden are dying, and the rainy and gray days of the west coast have begun.  I find on those days that it’s a challenge to get myself motivated to get out and do something fun in the fresh air, never mind trying to get the kids interested in going too.  I’ve come up with a list of outdoor activities to do as a family on hopefully not too rainy Sundays.  The challenge is to check off one activity a week from September 22 until the end of Autumn, December 21.  That works out to 15 activities, WOW.  Ok, so I expect we won’t do them all, like maybe the swimming if we don’t get another warm day, but we could just go to the beach.  I’ve added 17 to make sure that there are enough ideas.  Here is what I’ve come up with.

  1. Go for a walk in a forest slowly to look for signs of the season change
  2. Collect leaves for leaf prints and for pressing
  3. Go to the beach on a nice- lots to do on cooler days as well
  4. Visit to the beach on a stormy day – play in the wind
  5. Go for a puddle jumping walk after a rainstorm
  6. Visit a farm with hayrides, corn maze or some other autumn activity
  7. Pick your own pumpkins for a jack-o-lanterns
  8. Go to the river and look for spawning salmon and other wildlife
  9. Play in the leaves on a dry day
  10. Give the kids a Fall photo scavenger hunt.
  11. Fly a kite – more winds around in the fall in our area
  12. Plant some winter veggies – Swiss chard, radishes…
  13. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  14. Go Geocaching – fun in all seasons
  15. Watch a sunset – great since it gets dark earlier
  16. Look for constellations on a dry, clear, late fall evening
  17. Go bird watching

This is just our idea list.  Our goal is to get out and do something as a family outside at least once a week.  On your list you may skip some of our suggestions, like if salmon don’t spawn in your area, and you can do your favourite activities more than once.  Let us know your suggestions for great autumn outdoor family outings.  I think it’s a great challenge, who’s with me?

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  1. erin
    September 20, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    I’m with you! Calgary has been very cold, rainy and dreary. We are planning on either the corn or sunflower maze and hopefully the frost hasn’t killed it all! We look at the constellations on a regular basis, splash in puddles on a rainy day, and bike ride even if it’s cold. We’ve done the farmer’s market, and hope to get out at least once more before the snow actually flies 🙂 We have a date with Dr. Greene and his family to go out to their farm, NW of Cochrane this coming Sunday, rain or shine for an afternoon of fun – baling hay, hay rides, tractor rides, horse and cow riding, weiner and s’more roasts, stable cleaning, etc. And we try and do the pumpkin hunt at Butterfield Acres every year, in addition to playing in the leaves at Confederation and Edworthy parks. If I can think of any other ideas, I’ll pass them on. Thanks for this, Lisa! Now…to find a beach 🙂

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