Family Navigation…Where Have You Gone?

This is our first blog since late January.  We the heck did we go?  What have we been doing with our time?  What’s going on?  I will give you three plausible answers and I will let you choose which gives you the most comfort and joy.

  1. We cracked and had to get away.  After 395 consecutive hours of rain and darkness we shoved 2 days worth of clothes into a rucksack and took the family to the nearest airport with designs of jumping on the next plane.  Unfortunately our airport is pretty small and the next 10 flights were all flying to winter torn Alberta.  Once in the Calgary Airport we managed to stow away on a plane to Mexico.  The following 5 weeks we hopped from one taco stand to another before jumping on a train through Central America.  Eventually making our way to Panama we talked our way onto a Vancouver bound freighter which was traveling through the canal.  We arrived home yesterday and it is still raining
  2. Stuck in a cloud of uncertainty of what steps to take next we borrowed a meditation DVD from the library and bought a Costco Sized meditation pack of incense and scented candles.  After blacking out from the fumes we start to relax in a state of clarity.  The twins are the most enlightened and start mapping out our future and how our endeavours will help humanity.  5 weeks later we are out of incense and it is time to go back outside and start on our new path.
  3. We decide to concentrate on starting a photography business.  We have been busy.

So which one is correct?  Actually a little bit of all three.  It has been raining lots, we have been stuck inside for far too long, and we are starting a photography business.

We will have more on that in the future plus a bunch of other stuff.  We have not given up on Family Navigation and it will continue to be a compliment to the changes we are making with our family life.   The next little while we will be focusing on our business start-up and how to make it fit into our family lifestyle plans.  We are still going to come up with activity ideas as we are desperate to play outside.  This indoor living has not been kind to us this winter.  We will also be writing about other ideas including finishing my series on the benefits of employees working from home instead of an office.

We have a lot of work to do and we will be busy so we may not be writing as much as we used to but we will try and keep to a couple posts per week.  There is never a shortage of things going on to talk about in this household.

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