Father’s Day Take Two

Tuesday was our Father’s Day do-over and it went a lot better the second time around.

I got to choose our activity on Father’s Day and it was no surprise to anyone that I chose to take the family geocaching.   I had the whole day arranged and it would start after breakfast for a morning walk and geocache hiding spree.  After an energetic walk we would then go to the Comox Shellfish festival for some clam chowder and oyster burgers and then return for the twins nap.  The evening would include ordering some Thai food and watching a movie for the first time in a while.  A late start, a blown stroller tire, and a series of twin powered meltdowns rearranged the whole day.  We never did get to the walk I had planned and while the clam chowder and oysters were OK the Thai food and the movie never happened.

I did not like the way this day went and I did not react very well at all.  I actually got pretty upset and while I could blame my attitude to a mild stomach ache and the worst battle with allergies I have had in years, the real reason was that I saw this days imperfections as a sign that we may not be able to do some of the stuff I really want to do with our family.  I want our family to be the ones who persevere through the challenges of getting out with kids and have some amazing adventures.  On Father’s Day I saw the simplest of plans turned upside down due to one unlucky event, some serious doddling, and irrational tantrums.  If the most basic of plans go sour how are we going to be able take on more involved outings?

Tuesdays are my regular day to leave the house and have a day by myself to do some writing, caching, and hiking.  For a few weeks I have been planning to have a Tuesday over on Denman Island as it is close by and I had never been before.  I knew Lisa would also like to go so I decided that I would see if she thought we could manage a day out with the family.  Even after all the struggles the previous day it did not take too long for us to decide to take on a far more complicated plan then what we attempted on Father’s Day.  We were determined to prove to ourselves that we can take the kids on a full day outing.  Our plan was to leave after breakfast, take a ferry ride, go for a good hike, find some geocaches, have lunch, play on a beach, return on the ferry, and then drive home.  Our 9-hour outing had the kids join us for a 4km walk (I walked 8.5 for the day) while we found 4 geocaches, and had no major meltdowns.

The kids were great and we all had a wonderful time.  One of the caches had supplies to make bracelets which the kids loved.  We saw a baby eagle in a nest which we could look down on from a lookout.  We turned a walk in a stroller into a roller coaster ride.  We enjoyed a very relaxing picnic and got all sandy on a great little beach.  This was probably the best outing our family has ever had as a five-some and it completely erased the memory of the Father’s Day disaster.   Not only did this outing give us a lot of hope to be able to have more ambitious outings, but we really learned about the limits of our kids and when to slot in certain activities to make sure they are still having fun.  When we got home we picked up some sushi for dinner and after the kids went to bed we watched a movie just to complete the Father’s Day plan.  It may have been a couple days late but it was truly a day to remember.

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