Final Outing on the Geocache Diet – Day 364

Tomorrow I finish my year long challenge.  I will hike my final trail, find my final cache, and have my final weigh-in.  This makes it sound all so final.  In fact tomorrow is just another caching day and there will be many more trails hiked and caches found in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.  The only real significance of tomorrow is that I will complete the challenge I set for myself a year ago.  I have already walked the 2500kms I had planned on and I need to find 15 more caches tomorrow to reach 1000 finds in a year.  The 100lbs lost was the main goal and unfortunately I have a lot more hard work ahead of me to reach it.  I am confident that I will reach my target weight this year.

I had thought about doing something special for my final official day on the geocache diet but I decided just to make it a regular big caching day.  Snow and cold weather did make caching a little more difficult lately so I left myself a few more caches to do on my last day than I had planned, but not too many.  I did go out in the snow one day and although I found a few caches it was quite difficult locating them.   Some of the caches were hidden in obvious spots so they were easy to dig out but a few other which would be easy otherwise were too hard for me while snow covered.  Most of the snow has melted along the coast so I should have no problem tomorrow.

I will write some more comprehensive summaries of the geocache diet the next few days as I look back at a fun year of caching and hiking.  As for now I will get some sleep and look forward for my final big caching day, until the next one.


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  1. Barbara Brunlees
    January 16, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Gratz on completing your challenge. I’m replying before you log your last 15 caches, but I have no doubt you’ll find them today. The challenge seemed massive when you started last January, but you reached your goal. Two out of three victories is how you are looking at it, but I’m looking at it as 3 out of 3. You did lose at least 34 pounds – maybe more after today’s weigh in. That’s a victory! A failure would have been not even trying. You have lost over 1/3 of what your goal is – just keep on hiking and caching and the weight will keep dropping off. You’ve got a good muscle base now and everyone knows that muscle burns more calories than fat! Just keep going. I’m cheering for you.

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