Finding the Perfect Kids Bike

The search for the perfect bicycle for our daughter required the full extent of my bargain searching talent.  Her birthday is coming up and I had considered buying a brand new bicycle but it is hard to justify the $60-100 (or more) price tag for a bike she will any ride for a year or so.  After looking at some new bikes, mainly to get an idea of what to look for, I then spent some quality time with the local thrift stores.  I searched every store I could think of without finding the bike I was looking for.  By 3pm I had just about had it and I had decided to drown my sorrows by visiting my favourite coffee shop.  As I was driving along the main road in Courtenay I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  Outside a consignment kids store named Podlings was a cute little bike; practically brand new and with training wheels.  Awesome!!!!

As it turns out for the same price as the thrift stores were selling inferior bikes I could get this perfect bike.  My heart sunk when I found out that someone had put it on hold.  I asked the lady to call me if the hold fell though, but she said I’d have to call back tomorrow.  Ok, I could do that.  I decided to check out what else the store had for kids when an amazing series of events occurred.  The phone rang followed by some mumbling conversation up front and then “No way, it’s not on hold anymore?  There is a lady here that will be soooo happy to hear that….IT’S YOURS!!”   Oh happy day.

We decided to give Annika the bike before her birthday as we want her to start practicing right away plus there is a bring-your-own-bike party she is invited to before her birthday.  The bike is a little girlier than I thought I would buy for her, but it has no big corporate brand names or ‘Barbie’ all over it.  My only complaint is the white wheels.  Who puts white wheels on a kid’s bike?   Maybe I should design I should design a line of non-corporate, non-gender specific kids bike.  Does it sound like a good idea?   Even though we went in the more traditional direction I did think that a Balance Bike is a pretty good idea.  So did I find the perfect bike?  I think Annika’s reaction pretty much sums it up.

Here is Annika own photo montage of her beloved bike.  She’s quite a good photographer already, don’t you think.

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