Free-form Donburi

A major part of our transition is to eat healthier foods.  The Geocache Diet is based on increasing exercise but of course eating well is also a vital part of feeling well.  We also want to provide our kids with the best ‘fuel’ possible so they can do all that energetic kids stuff.  We are not dieting as a family; we are simply adjusting our eating habits around healthier foods as we need this healthier lifestyle to be permanent.   Some of the healthiest cuisines are found in the Mediterranean and East Asia.  One of our new favourite meals is ‘Free-form Donburi’, or in the way we make it, ‘Sushi in a Bowl’.

We have a great little sushi take-out in town which introduced us to Donburi.  These are essentially bowls of sushi rice with anything you want on top.  Our favourite from this restaurant is the spicy tuna.  We have fallen in love with it and have decided to come up with our own version.  While we eat raw fish from time to time we do not trust ourselves enough to use it in our own cooking, so for our version we use smoked salmon and/or grilled prawns.  The first step is to cook the sushi rice.  There are numerous recipes on line or follow this link for a very detailed explanation on how to cook sushi rice.  Once you have the rice than pile whatever you like on it.  We like to put on smoked salmon/prawns, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, toasted nori, green onions, sesame seeds and even fruit like kiwi.  You can get pretty creative.  To complete the sushi feel we add pickled ginger and wasabi. 

We have been making this meal for our ‘date night’ in the basement after the kids go to bed, but we have also served it to the whole family with great success.  Our kids love most of the ingredients and we can customize it slightly to their own personal tastes.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

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  1. January 29, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    looks yumy!

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