Fun Caches for the Geocache Diet – Day 152

Tuesdays are my fun days (and Mondays are not manic).  The days where the family does stuff together may be more enjoyable but Tuesday is my day to try and have as much fun as possible by myself as the family stays at home.   I will drive to a nearby location for a major hike, serious geocaching, writing, and a break from the regular routine.   This past Tuesday I hiked 12.8km, found **18 geocaches, did a whole bunch of thinking and writing, and relaxed to the point of almost falling asleep just after lunch.  To me this is all I need to call the day a success.

On most Tuesdays I find a place to leave the car while I trek the streets of a town or through various trails before arriving back at the car in the afternoon.  With finding so many caches in a day I like to have variety in my finds.  When I choose my location I am looking for some fun sounding traditional, multi, and puzzle caches to include.  My main goal of the day is to walk a good distance so I cannot do too many really tough ones but fun caches do not always require wasting a couple hours looking for them.  When I chose my route for this day I was not expecting too much variety in the caches because this outing was chosen mainly for the trails.  It is always a pleasant surprise when the cache you find is a little more then you expect.

When you are wandering around by yourself it is nice to have something to broaden your smile (I always have at least a small smile when walking in the woods).  On this day it was interesting containers that brightened at already bright day.  I found a nesting turkey by a pond, a multi cache with a chicken and an egg (I won’t say which was found first), and a frog.  After finding these caches there was one that had ‘Rhino’ in the title but unfortunately it was just a box.  While all hides are appreciated, I do like seeing some real creativity and it inspires me to improve the caches we hide.

On another topic I have given Lisa a little more control with my diet.  This is a short term decision to try and kick-start my weight loss again.  She is much better with menu choices and portion control and at this point I need the extra help.  Lisa is so supportive with my challenges with eating and losing weight even though she has always been thin.  After a long discussion about this yesterday I think we have a good plan for the summer and there will be some serious progress made towards my goal in the coming weeks.  Let’s hope!

** I did 18 caches but I will only count 15 towards my goal of 1000 caches.  Before I started the geocache diet I wrote in the FAQ’s section that I would not find more than 15 caches in a day.  On this day I wanted to finish a 27 cache series that was started over a month ago and I had more to do then I thought I had left.

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