Geocache Diet – Day 1

998 Geocaches – 2494km on foot – 100lbs – 364 Days!

First cache found towards goal.

I had my official weigh-in this morning marking the start of the Geocache Diet.  I am not comfortable stating my current weight as it is a sensitive subject to us out of shape folk.  It was pretty intimidating today as I was staring at the scale and seeing 100lbs to lose to get to my goal weight of 178 lbs.  With our busy schedule and 3 kids to look after it will not be easy but I am determined to make it work this time.  I must be pretty confident if I am going to blog about losing all this weight.  I don’t want to make all this fuss and fail.

This is where the cache should have been?

Even though I woke up raring to go, my schedule only allowed for afternoon caching today.  When the time finally came I jumped in the car and drove towards my chosen trailhead.  After taking a few wrong turns I finally parked the car, threw on my backpack and started skipping down the trail.  I was closing onto my first cache location (within 10m) when all of a sudden the trail ended at a cliff.  There should have been a trail and in fact I think there was one only a few days ago.  From what I could gather the path used to follow a creek as it weaved towards the beach.  The creek has now decided to take a short cut to the beach and has cut the trail, and the hill, in two.  I was able to scamper safely down to the beach but when I started looking for the cache it became obvious that it was hidden alongside the portion of the trail that was now part of the creek.  Not the start that I was expecting.

I had chosen this cache for my first to find on the Geocache Diet for a reason.  I was planning to take a photograph of myself in the perfect west coast scene with a rugged beach, mossy trees, a rushing creek, on a misty day holding the cache.  As you can tell from the photos the beach didn’t disappoint even if the cache had been washed away.  I had to settle for a much less impressive location for my first find.  I walked along the beach, up a dirt road, to a roadside cache that was very easy to find.  The spot was a little cramped to get the tripod out and pose for a photo so I just took a picture of the cache instead (kind of anticlimactic).  With all my fumbling around at the first cache spot I was now running late so I trudged on to the third location of the day.

At this point the mist had turned into rain and I was anxious for a quick find and move on to my last cache.  My GPS lead me to a trailhead full of tree stumps.  Some jerk had decided that it would be a good idea to hide a small cache in one of the 30-40 large tree stumps.  After a half hour of looking I was not in a very good mood.  I was getting wet, I was way behind schedule, and I a tree graveyard is not my favourite place to hang out.  I spent a few more minutes before I decided that I needed to move on and not be too late arriving home.  I followed the trail away from dead trees and was able to take enough correct turns to take me to the final geocache location of the day.  This one was supposed to be as easy as the other one I found that day but my GPS was sending me in circles.  I was thinking about giving up again when finally I stumbled upon it.  It was pouring rain now so I rushed back to the van as fast as I could.  I was able to accomplish 6.3 km towards my distance goal in pretty good time, but the problem was I spent as much time looking for caches as I did walking between them.  Let’s hope I can start finding caches a little more efficiently in the next few days.

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