Geocache Diet – Day 100

294 Geocaches Found – 668 km on foot – 25 lbs lost!
Wow!!  I have been on the Geocache Diet for 100 days and there is only one thing I can think of:  I have a long, long, way to go.  Over 1800km to go in fact but the big number is the weight.  I think I am starting to turn a corner with my weight loss and I hope to see accelerated progress in the next few weeks.  To help in that goal, and to celebrate the 100th day of this little challenge, I went for a great 10km walk in the woods and along a beach.  I didn’t find any geocaches today but I plan to find a bunch tomorrow on my mega day out and we also found 15 yesterday during a fun family outing.

We attended our third ever geocaching event yesterday, 2ndwhile on the geocache diet, and it was a lot of fun.  It was simply a lakeside potluck lunch to celebrate the release of 27 brand new caches in the area.  The organizer created the ‘Alphabet Soup’ series around Horne Lake on Vancouver Island that was released yesterday morning.  She had let everyone know ahead of time, via the event posting, that there would be 27 new caches published that morning and there were a lot of people who were ready to race their way to first-to-find glory.  Our goal, on the other hand, was to do some relaxed caching by the lake with the family.

The geocaches were all hidden close to the road so we did not walk too far, though I did walk 4.5km finding a few from the event location, while the kids enjoyed the caching and the picnic.  We had no intention of finding all 27 with the kids today as that would have been far too much so we were very happy with the 15 we found.  Annika got involved in the finding of caches more then I have seen in the past as she was very excited to find the ones she did.  They were all fairly easy caches which made it even more fun for her.  The twins just liked throwing rocks into the lake and snooping around the picnic table.  I was trying to avoid the picnic table however as potluck picnic lunches are not the best for the geocache diet.  I was able to find a few lone veggies on the table which is good because I only have 265 more days left to reach my target.

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