Geocache Diet – Day 107

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This month Geocaching is celebrating its 10thAnniversary and I only have one question:  Why did it take me so long to find out about this?  I learned about geocaching about a year ago and I found my first geocache only 11 months ago as geocaching was heading into its 10thyear of existence.  I thought I was pretty aware of things around me and I cannot imagine I would have ignored something like this.  I guess in the early years of existence geocaching was pretty low key and somewhat of an underground activity.  It is not a secret club anymore as geocaching is becoming a pretty mainstream activity. 

On May 1, 2000 the US military disabled selective availability on the satellite signals which essentially allowed public GPS receivers to be far more accurate.  Two days later a fine gentleman named Dave Ulmer hid a container full of swag in Oregon, posted its position on a message board, and a few people started going out to find it.  From that first geocache there are now over 1 million geocaches hidden worldwide and it seems like the activity is growing exponentially.  It is hard to imagine how big this activity may be in the next 10 years. 

I guess I should not feel too bad that I missed out on the first nine years of geocaching’s existence as I don’t think I am the last person to find out about it.  With so many geocaches that are now out there to find we will now try to make up for lost time.  Happy Anniversary geocaching and thank you for this crazy and wonderful waste of time. 

On a side note Lora Shinn from Cascadia Kids website asked us some questions and has published an article about Geocaching with kids, featuring  She runs a great website about family travel in and around the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

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  1. Blackfox07
    May 5, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Thanks for the introduction and link to Cascadia Kids! Cool looking website!

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