Geocache Diet – Day 12

I think I am getting fatigued from 12 straight days of geocaching as I am making some stupid mistakes.  I attempted a cache the other day which has multiple stages.  Part way through I entered a way-point into my GPS which was to lead me to a location where I would find the final coordinates for this geocache.  This was going to be simple as I also had a clue for this stage and it said when I reached the location, look up and look for a ‘sign’.  I followed my GPS and ended up beside a church and the window of the church was the ‘sign’; an image of a cross and some other squiggles around it.  That must be it.  I crossed my eyes a little and squinted and within the squiggles I was able to see some numbers.  I quickly turned these numbers into a coordinate and rushed to the final location only to find out that it was leading my into a restricted airstrip.  I was confused and perplexed.  How I could have miss-interpreted the ‘sign’?  I went back, pondered for a while and finally broke down and e-mailed the owner of the cache for another hint.

The letter I received back was very kind and told me that I was in the wrong place.  It may have been more appropriate if it read ‘you novice twit, do you even know how to use a GPS?  What are you doing at the church when you are supposed to be looking on the other side of the parking lot?’  Even more confused and perplexed now I went back to the location today wondering how could it be way over there when the coordinates clearly have me by the church and the ‘sign’.  After another 15 minutes pondering by the church I decided to check the coordinates I had entered into GPS and of course they were wrong.  After entering the correct coordinates I wandered across the parking lot, found the correct ‘sign’ within 10 seconds and went on my way.  How am I ever going to find 1000 geocaches in one year?

I actually got out for a walk with Lisa today.  We dropped the kids at a child minding facility so we could go geocaching together.  We decided to go out for breakfast (first meal together without the kids in ages) which took most of the time we had.  We did our first Earth Cache and walked a total of 1km before it was time to pick up the kids.  It was only 2 hours out together but it was fantastic.  Since I could not justify only walking 1km today I went out and found 2 more geocaches while trying to find 3.  I gave up on the third one as I was already taking too much time.  I have a busy day planned tomorrow so I have to get my caching done in the dark again before 8am.  Time to get some sleep.

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  1. Tom
    January 28, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Caching can be very humbling. But you gotta keep on cachin.

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