Geocache Diet – Day 18

950 Geocaches – 2378 km on foot – 90lbs – 347 Days!

If you want to explore an area, I mean find every hidden treasure there is to offer, then I recommend letting geocaching be your guide.  There is no guidebook or info centre that can provide as many trails to explore and places to visit than what you can find on  If there is a nice walk, some historical point of interest, or just something that looks cool, there is a good chance that there will be a geocache placed nearby.  I love exploring and I have been on so many hidden trails with my GPSr in hand since we moved to central Vancouver Island.  Geocaching makes an excellent tour guide.

The other day I took the whole family to a trail I had discovered while geocaching.  A local artist has taken over a wooded park and filled it with his artwork, most of which tackles some pretty heavy topics like resource exploitation, commercialism, and religion.  To our kids this was just a just a fun place to tear around, get a bit muddy, and play with all the neat stuff.  The most common nickname for this park is the ‘wacky woods’ and while I am not sure the artist would appreciate his beliefs on the plight of the world described as ‘wacky’, from a kids perspective it really fits.  This visit was not about finding as many geocaches I could while walking a great distance, it was about spending some time with the family in a hidden gem that was truly ‘west coast’.  We had a great time and besides the artist we have to thank the person who placed this cache over 6 years ago for bringing us here as I’m not sure how we would have found it without geocaching.

There are so many places to explore it makes me wonder why I ever spent so much time indoors.  This morning I was out for a hike at dawn and while the clouds prevented the sunrise from being spectacular, just being out on the trails in such a beautiful setting was good enough for me.  During my walk this morning I found my 50th geocache towards the geocache diet while completing my 122nd km.  After 18 days I am averaging almost exactly what I need to average in order to meet my geocaching and distance targets.  Can I keep this up for another 347 days while losing the remaining 90 lbs?  If keep finding these new sights and wonderful trails than I am sure to hit my goals.

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