Geocache Diet – Day 2

994 Geocaches – 2487km on foot – 100lbs – 363 Days!

That’s a bit better.  Today I attempted 4 caches and found all four.  I did not waste nearly as much time looking for caches today as I did yesterday and I didn’t have to make the tough decisions to give up and move along.  I hate giving up on caches but if I am going to reach my distance goal in the time I have each day I will have to learn to quit sooner than I did yesterday.  Just because I couldn’t find the cache on my first visit it does not mean I cannot look some other time.  Once I spent at least a half hour looking for a cache before deciding I better give up.  A few weeks later I returned and walked straight to it.  After going four for four today I returned home feeling much better about things even though I was equally soaked as the previous day.

On the way to the Washer Creek cache
I have to go out in this?

There was quite a storm last night and it was still pretty ugly outside when I reluctantly went on my way.  I had chosen Union Bay, a very small town just to the south of us, as a caching destination as there seemed to be a good cluster of caches around a trail system.  I wasn’t nearly as organized as I had been for Day 1 and maybe it was good thing to just figure it out when I got there.  Once I started my trek the pouring rain had turned into a drizzle but the trails were pretty wet and mucky.  I was slowed down a bit by the slippery conditions but overall I made pretty good time.

By a cache

Due to the weather I had not chosen trails that would be in a beautiful location but since this is Vancouver Island even the ho hum trails on an ugly day can look beautiful.  I was looking forward to one particular cache as it was located besides a tree that an ‘artist’  turned into some sort of statement.  I just have the hardest time understanding art:  I like math instead.  Surprisingly even this tree didn’t draw a crowd today as I walked for 6.4km and saw nobody on the trails at all.  Sure it is a wet winter Monday but still it is pretty rare not to find someone, and their dog, out on the trails.  I would have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the hike a little more if I were not so darn hungry.

Second of the day!

I had a pretty good breakfast, had a snack on the trail, yet I still was hungry all morning.  I am not starving myself, far from it, but this change in diet has caused my stomach to freak out a little.  I have noticed this other times I have tried to lose weight and usually the constant desire to eat subsides after the first week.  I am hoping this is the case so I can just concentrate on geocaching.

This week is a busy one for us and I will not be blogging about the diet each day even though I will be on the trails daily.  Our twins turn two on Friday and we are having family travelling to see us including a sleepover by both sets of grandparents.  I will have to be extra diligent to keep to my exercise schedule and eating plan.  I do not do so well with a houseful so getting out and doing some caching sounds pretty good to me.

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