Geocache Diet – Day 20

945 Geocaches – 2367 km on foot – 90lbs – 345 Days!

As I progress along the geocache diet I have been thinking a lot of how I got so heavy in the first place.  There is a simple answer to why I gained the weight.  I ate too much and I exercised too little.  In the past 10 years I have been slowly gaining weight and in that time I have not burned off 100lbs worth of calories.  So the easy solution is that I have reduced my consumption and increased my exercise.  It is working so far and it has worked for me in the past when I tried to lose weight.  Other quests to lose weight have been derailed by a busy lifestyle and the weight slowly gets put on.  If I am concentrating on what I eat and how much I exercise, as I am now, I can lose weight or maintain a healthy weight but if I am not focussed on a healthy lifestyle than I do not live one.  Do I have to concentrate every single day and every single meal for the rest of my life or can I condition myself so that I am automatically using healthy habits on a daily basis?

Why do I eat too much?  I really like food.  I am an explorer at heart and I love eating at different restaurants and cooking different cuisines and there is no shortage of what is available.  Have a look at the size of our grocery stores and how many different types of restaurants that are in your phone book.  Food is abundant and relatively cheap for the amount of money the average person makes.  There is little to no effort required to eat too much.  It seems more effort is needed to refuse food than it takes to obtain it.   High calorie food is especially cheap and easy to obtain.  A pound of locally grown vegetables can cost as much, if not more, than a hamburger.  The healthiest cereal found in the grocery store is usually the most expensive and can be hard to justify to purchase.  This sound like I am making excuses but I do not blame anyone or anything except myself for gaining the weight.  My point is that healthy eating can take more effort than non healthy eating.

So do I have to concentrate on my eating habits each and every day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Yes, I think I do.  It may get easier over time but if I look at people who are living healthy lifestyles they are making the effort time to slow down and make the right decisions.  This comes back to my earlier point that my previous weight-loss quests were de-railed by getting too busy.  For me this is just another reason to slow down and concentrate on the important things in life, family, personal enjoyment, and feeling great.

The last few days I haven’t felt too great as 2 weeks of walking in the rain may have caught up with me in the form of a cold.  This has slowed me down on the geocache diet but has not stopped me from geocaching.  My power walking turned into a kind of meander and my daily distance was halved but getting out on the trails at half speed was still better than staying at home and feeling sorry for myself.  I am hoping to feel better in the next few days and get in some good hikes.

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    Healthy weight is easy to maintain, just watch your diet and always exercise.”,`

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