Geocache Diet – Day 37

I knew I would experience a large variety of emotions during my weight loss challenge.  There would be all the positive emotions involved with getting outside, exercising, exploring, and feeling better.  I knew that there would be days I would not feel like going out and I would have terrible cravings wanting to eat something I shouldn’t.  One emotion that I did not think would come up was anger.  I didn’t lose any weight last week and I am mad about it.

This should have been a very successful week.  The weather was great, I had some fantastic long hikes, and I am now able to push myself physically more than I could prior to starting.  What I didn’t do was plan out our meals very well.  I am having a hard time pulling myself away from watching the Olympics and in result we resorted back to being rushed around meal-time.  We have learned the importance of slowing down and planning out our meals well ahead of time. This allows us to choose healthier menus, save money by only buying what we need, and save time as there is no pondering to what to make while avoiding the temptation to order take-out food.  When we get busy, or in this case get distracted by the TV, we resort to eating whatever we have available and is easy to make.  All my work on the trails this week was wasted due to poor menu planning.

Luckily I weighed myself before anyone got up and I had a before sunrise caching morning already planned.  I tore out of the house and pushed myself harder than I have since starting the Geocache Diet.  I almost forgot about finding caches but eventually I was able to calm down for a while and look for a couple.  Luckily the caches I attempted were easy as I was not in the mood for anything tricky.  By the time I got home I had turned the anger into determination and I quickly got out some recipe books and in no time had created a menu and shopping list for the next 6 days.  There is no way that I am not going to lose some weight this week.  The anger I felt was an unexpected emotion as I rarely get mad.  Lisa can tell you that I am usually very calm and even-keeled about everything.  I do not enjoy getting angry and I hope it does not happen again during the Geocache Diet but in this case I think it is a sure sign of how much the weight-loss is important to me.

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