Geocache Diet – Day 4

I fell in love with geocaching around 8 months ago as I enjoy getting outside and exploring new areas on foot.  While hiking and exploring are definitely something I love to do there is one part of geocaching that has been a real challenge

Wooden Donkey

for me.  I do not like to draw attention to myself.  I would love to do all my geocaching without the threat of being seen by someone.  This is rarely the case however as the majority of geocaches are hidden in places the general public like to go.  This morning I decided to do some geocaching along the sea walk in Campbell River. It was pretty hard to be inconspicuous on a busy pathway right beside a major road looking for a small container under the tail of a wooden donkey.

Even when I am on remote trails I am constantly on the lookout for muggles.  Yes, you heard me right…muggles.  Muggles, the non-wizard folk in the Harry Potter series, is the term geocachers use to refer to people who are not aware of geocaching.  Does that make geocachers wizards?  Why yes it does.  When I first saw the term I thought to myself, ‘I am not hanging out with the cool kids anymore’.  No, you will probably not see the football team or the popular girls clambering around a storm drain looking for a tiny magnetic box.  To admit that you love geocaching is to realize once and for all that you are not cool.

I have yet to have a major run-in with a ‘muggle’ and all I have received are strange looks.  If I am to find 1000 caches in the next year I am sure that I will have to do some explaining at some point.  I hope no one calls the cops on me as geocachers are not the only ones who leave ‘treasures’ in the bushes.

Today went pretty smoothly as I was able to retrieve the cache from my donkey friend without much trouble, plus I found a cache under a rock, under a bridge, and in a tree without causing too much suspicion.  The fact that it was pouring rain helped.  Today I walked 7.9km while retrieving 4 caches.  Yesterday I decided to leave the house at 6am and walk to a multi-cache called ‘Neighbourhood Tour’.  I didn’t calculate the distance very well as my 8km walk turned into an 11.5km expedition.  I tried to find another cache in the area but I could not find it in the dark (if you saw someone crawling around the bushes in the dark, would you call the cops?).  After 4 days I am doing well on both my distance and geocache target and my first weigh in is only a few days away.  I just hope the rain stops eventually.

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